Longbeach Holdings was originally established in 1976 as an apparel manufacturing company. The company was quick to grow and become the largest manufacturer and supplier of wholesale apparel in New Zealand, and a substantial player in the Australian market.

Changes to Government trade and tariff policies in the 1980’s necessitated offshore sourcing and manufacturing.

The ever changing and dynamic nature of the manufacturing, wholesale and retail landscapes has required ongoing flexibility and adaptability to stay on top. This has included exploring opportunities to diversify our business through the acquisition of companies that are an obvious fit with our wider management skillsets and access to capital. With that in mind Longbeach acquired Swanndri in 2008, Woodhouse Apparel in 2014 and Line 7 in 2018. We also expanded our portfolio to include local Christchurch based Contract Electronic Manufacturing company Assembly Specialists Ltd (ASL) in 2014.

Longbeach currently has operations in New Zealand (Christchurch and Auckland), China, Australia, the United Kingdom and in North America.

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